Ashtabula Plantation - Pendleton Anderson County South Carolina SC

Ashtabula Plantation – Pendleton – Anderson County

 Ashtabula Plantation 1971 - Anderson County, South Carolina
— Ashtabula Plantation, 1971 © National Register of Historic Places —

Basic Information


  • 1790 – Earliest known date of existence (2)

    The Gassaway family owned the property (2).

  • 1825 – Lewis Ladson and Maria Henrietta Drayton Gibbes acquired the property from the Gassaway family (2).

  • 1828 – House built by Lewis Ladson Gibbes of Charleston

  • 1837 – Plantation bought by Dr. Oze R. Broyles (2)

  • 1851 – Plantation bought by James T. Latta of York (2)

  • 1861 – Plantation bought by Mr. Robert Adger, owner of the Sword Gate House in Charleston (2)

  • 1865 – Adger's daughter Clarissa and her husband O. A. Bowen lived in the house with their son Allen until this year.

  • 1865 – Adger's daughter Sallie and her husband William D. Warren became owners of the plantation (2).

  • 1880 – Ashtabula was next owned by Francis J. Pelzer (owner of Pelzer Mills and founder of the Town of Pelzer) (2).

  • 1889 – John Linley became Ashtabula's owner (2).

  • 1920 – Roger Inglesby became owner (2).

  • 1940 – Frederick W. Symmes became the last resident owner of Ashtabula (2).

  • 1957 – Symmes died and Ashtabula was purchased by Mead Corporation for a tree farm (2).

  • 1961 – Mead Corporation gave the house and 10 acres to the Pendleton Historic Foundation (2).


  • Number of acres – 10 acres in 1961

  • Primary crop – Timber for paper 1957-1961


  • Chronological list – Gassaway (1790-1825); Lewis Ladson and Maria Henrietta Drayton Gibbes (1825-1837); Dr. Oze R. and Sarah Broyles (1837-1851); James T. and Angela Lot Latta (1851-1861); Robert and Jane Eliza Fleming Adger (1861-1865); William D. and Sallie Warren (1865-1880); Francis J. Pelzer (1880-1889); John Linley (1889-1920); Roger Inglesby (1920-1940); Frederick W. Symmes (1940-1957); Mead Corporation (1957-1961); Pendleton Historic Foundation (1961-present)


  • Number of slaves – ?


  • The house is a two-story clapboard plantation house. There is also two-story brick building built prior to 1790 that was used as a traveler's tavern. This brick structure was later connected to the main house by a breezeway and used as a kitchen (2).

References & Resources

  1. National Register of Historic Places
    Nomination form - PDF - submitted in 1971
    Photographs, architectural overview

  2. Pendleton Historic Foundation | Timeline

  3. 30-15 Plantation File, held by the South Carolina Historical Society

  4. Jane Ockershausen, The South Carolina One-Day Trip Book (McLean, VA: EPM Publications, 1998)

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  6. Information contributed by Mary Ann Masek

Contact Information

  • Pendleton Historic Foundation
    PO Box 444
    Pendleton, SC 29670

    Telephone: 864-646-7249
    Website: Click here

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