Plantations - Charleston County, South Carolina SC

Charleston County, SC Plantations

Charleston County is located along the southeastern coast of South Carolina. It occupies approximately 97 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

Most of the plantations in Charleston County grew rice, indigo, or Sea Island cotton.

Charleston County plantations we've identified so far ...

Accabee - West Ashley
Acorn Hill - Johns Island
Adasville - Johns Island
Allendale - Wadmalaw Island
Anchorage - Wadmalaw Island
Andel House
Angel Oak - Johns Island - also called The Point, Hoopstick
Ashe - Little Edisto Island
Ashley Hall - West Ashley
Ashley Hill
Auld Reekie - Johns Island

Back Pen - Johns Island
Bailey's Island
Baldrick - North Charleston
Barings - Parkers Ferry - also called Sandy Point
Barnwell House - Parkers Ferry - also called Prospect Hill, Prospect
Battlefield - Parkers Ferry
Baynard's Old Place - Edisto Island
Bears Bluff - Wadmalaw Island
Belle Grove
Belleview - Mt Pleasant - also called Bermuda
Bellevue - McClellanville
Belmont - Charleston Neck
Belvedere - Charleston Neck - also called Belvidere, Governors House, Shubrick
Belvidere - Charleston Neck - also called Belvedere, Governors House, Shubrick
Belvidere - Johns Island
Bermuda - Mt Pleasant - also called Belleview
Bernard - Rantowles
Berry Hill - Parkers Ferry
Bird Nest - Wadmalaw Island
Blacklock - Johns Island
Blake's - McClellanville
Bleak Hall - Edisto Island - also called Botany Bay
Blue House - Edisto Island
Bluff - West Ashley
Bollard - Edisto Island
Boone Hall - Mt Pleasant
Briars - Johns Island
Brick House - Edisto Island - also called Paul Hamilton House
Brick House - Johns Island
Brookland - Edisto Island - also called Hill Tract, Brooklines
Brooklines - Edisto Island - also called Hill Tract, Brookland
Bugby - Wadmalaw Island
Bulls Island
Bulow - Red Top - also call Savannah
Burden's - Johns Island - also called Oakvale

Cain Slash - Johns Island
California - Johns Island
Camp - North Charleston
Cane Acre
Capes - Johns Island
Cassina Point - Edisto Island
Cedar Hall
Cedar Springs - Johns Island
Chaplins - Johns Island
Charleston Tea - Wadmalaw Island
Cherry Hall
Childermas Croft - Charleston Neck
Chisolm's - Edisto Island - also called The Launch, Middleton's
Clapham - Jacksonboro
Clarke - Edisto Island
Clayfield - McClellanville
Clifton - Willtown
Con Bailey
Contentment Hall - Johns Island
Corn Hill
Cottage - Wadmalaw Island
Crawford - Edisto Island
Creekside - Johns Island
Cripps - West Ashley
Curtis Hall - Johns Island
Cypress Pond
Cypress Trees - Edisto Island

Daniel Island
Deer Park - Johns Island
Dill's Bluff - James Island
Dixie - Hollywood
Dixon's Island
Doe Hall - McClellanville
Drayton Hall - West Ashley

Edenvale - Johns Island
Edinburgh - Johns Island
Egremont - McClellanville
Elbow Tavern
Eldorado - McClellanville
Elm Grove
Elms - North Charleston
Encampment - Parkers Ferry
Estate of White
Exchange - Johns Island

Fair Oaks - Johns Island
Fairfield - McClellanville
Fairfield - West Ashley - also called Wespanee, Westpenny
Farmfield - West Ashley
Fenwick Hall - Johns Island - also called Headquarters
Ferry Field - Johns Island
Ferry Tract - West Ashley
Frampton's Inlet
Frogmore - Edisto Island
Fuller - West Ashley

Gallant Hill - North Charleston - also called Strohecker, Wee John
Garden Lot
Good Hope
Governor's Bluff - Edisto Island
Governors House - Charleston Neck - also called Belvedere, Belvidere, Shubrick
Green Grove
Greenville - West Ashley - also called Runnymede, Sarah Place
Grove - Adams Run
Grove - Charleston - also called Grove Farm, Lowndes Grove, Wagener Farm
Grove Farm - Charleston - also called Grove, Lowndes Grove, Wagener Farm
Gun Bluff - Edisto Island

Hamilton Hill
Hamlin - Mt Pleasant - also called Youghal
Hampton - McClellanville - also called Horry
Hanscome Point - Johns Island
Harrietta - McClellanville
Hatchman's - Mt Pleasant
Hauling Landing
Haulover - Seabrook Island
Hayes - North Charleston - also called Ingleside
Headquarters - Johns Island - also called Fenwick Hall
Hibben House - Mt Pleasant - also called Motte Home, Mount Pleasant
Hickory Hill - West Ashley
Hickory Hill - North Charleston
Hickory Hill - Johns Island
Hill Tract - Edisto Island - also called Brookland, Brooklines
Hillsborough - West Ashley
Hobcaw - Mt Pleasant
Holly Hill
Hoopstick - Johns Island - also called Angel Oak, The Point
Hope - Johns Island
Hopkinson - Johns Island
Hopton Tract - Mt Pleasant - also called Starvegut Hall, Starve Gut Hall, Wando Plantation, William Hopton
Horry - McClellanville - also called Hampton
Horry-Lucas House - also called Old Town
Hurst's - North Charleston
Hurtle Grange
Hut - Johns Island

Indian Field - McClellanville
Indian Graves - Johns Island
Indigo Point - Charleston
Ingleside - North Charleston - also called Hayes

Jack Daw Hall - Edisto Island
Jane Pritchard Place
Jenkins Point - Seabrook Island - also called Jenkins Hill

Katy Hill - Wadmalaw Island
Kiawah - Kiawah Island - also called Vanderhorst

The Launch - Edisto Island - also called Chisolm's, Middleton's
Laurel Bay
Laurel Hill - Edisto Island
Laurel Hill - McClellanville
Laurel Hill - Mount Pleasant
Laurel Hill - Ravenel
Laurel Park
Laurels - Johns Island
Lawton - James Island
Legare's - Johns Island
Lem's Bluff - Willtown
Lexington - Wando Neck
Liberty Hall
Liberty Hill
Lighthouse Point - James Island
Live Oak
Long Point - Mt Pleasant
Longwood - Johns Island
Lords Proprietors
Lowndes Grove - Charleston - also called Grove, Grove Farm, Wagener Farm
Lynch Grove

Magnolia - West Ashley
Magnolia Umbra - Charleston Neck
Marshlands - North Charleston
Mateeba Gardens - also called Wragg, Smith-Wragg, St. Giles Kussoe
Mathis Ferry
McClellan House - McClellanville - also called Silver Hill
McLeod - James Island
Michaux's Point
Middleton Place - Dorchester County
Middleton's - Edisto Island - also called Chisolm's, The Launch
Midland Park
Milady Bush
Miller Hill - Johns Island
Mitchell Place - Edisto Island - also called Point of Pines
Mons Repos - North Charleston
Montgomery - McClellanville
Motte Home - Mt Pleasant - also called Hibben House, Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant - Mt Pleasant - also called Hibben House, Motte Home
Mount Pleasant Cooper
Mullet Hall - Johns Island
Murray-Gibbes - Johns Island
Myrtle Grove - Mt Pleasant
Myrtles - Johns Island

Neck - Edisto Island
New Cut - Wadmalaw Island
New Hope - Adams Run - also called Willtown Bluff, Wilton

Oak Grove - North Charleston
Oak Grove - Wadmalaw Island
Oak Hill
Oak Hurst - also called Hutton
Oak Island - Edisto Island
Oak Lawn - Parkers Ferry - also called Pon Pon
Oakland - Mt Pleasant
Oaks - Johns Island
Oakvale - Johns Island - also called Burden's
Ocean View - James Island
Old Barn - Johns Island
Old Dominion - Edisto Island
Old Faber Place
Old House - Edisto Island
Old Town - also called Horry-Lucas House
Orange Hill - Johns Island

Palmer's Point - McClellanville - also called McClellan House, Silver Hill
Palmetto Grove - Mt Pleasant
Palmetto Plain
Palo Alto - McClellanville
Panthelion - West Ashley
Paul Hamilton House - Edisto Island - also called Brick House
Peaceful Retreat - Johns Island
Peachtree - McClellanville
Pepper Dam - also called Windsor Hill
Perry Hill - West Ashley
Peters Point - Edisto Island
Pierpont - West Ashley
Pine Barren - Edisto Island
Pine Tree Hill
Pine Island
Pleasant Bluff
Point - Mt Pleasnat
Point Comfort
Point of Pines - Edisto Island - also called Mitchell Place
The Point - Johns Island - also called Angel Oak, Hoopstick
Pointe - McClellanville
Pon Pon - Parkers Ferry - also called Oak Lawn
Porcher's Bluff - Mt Pleasant
Prospect - Parkers Ferry - also called Prospect Hill, Barnwell House
Prospect Hill - Edisto Island
Prospect Hill - Parkers Ferry - also called Barnwell House, Prospect

Rabbit Point - Seabrook Island
Raccoon Island
Racket Hall - Wadmalaw Island
Ravens Point - Johns Island
Ravenwood - Johns Island
Retreat - North Charleston
Retreat - Johns Island
Rice Hope
Richmond - Mt Pleasnat
Rockland - Wadmalaw Island
Rocks - Wadmalaw Island
Romney - McClellanville
Rose Cottage
Rosebank - Wadmalaw Island
Runnymede - West Ashley - also called Greenville, Sarah Place
Rushlands - Johns Island
Rush's - Johns Island
Russell Creek - Edisto Island

Saint Giles Kussoe - also called Wragg, Smith-Wragg, Mateeba Gardens
Saint Pierre's Point
Salt Hope
Salt Landing
Salt Ponds
Sams Tract - Johns Island
Sandy Hill
Sandy Point - Parkers Ferry - also called Barings
Sans Souci - Charleston Neck
Sarah Place - West Ashley - also called Greenville, Runnymede
Savannah - Red Top - also call Bulow
Saxby - Johns Island
Schieveling - West Ashley
Scott's Ferry
Sea Cloud - Edisto Island - also called Botany Bay
Seabrook - Edisto Island
Seaside - Edisto Island
Seaside Farms
Selkirk - Wadmalaw Island
Seven Oaks - Johns Island
Share Zools - Wadmalaw Island
Shargould - Edisto Island
Shell House
Shubrick - Charleston Neck - also called Belvedere, Belvidere, Governors House
Silver Hill - McClellanville - also called McClellan House, Palmer's Point
Simmons Bluff
Slann Island - Slann Island
Smith-Wragg - also called Wragg, St. Giles Kussoe, Mateeba Gardens
Snee Farm - Mt Pleasant
Sol Legare Land
Springfield - West Ashley
Springfield - Wambaw Creek
St Pierre's Point
Stanyarne Hill - Ravenel
Starve Gut Hall - Mt Pleasant - also called Starvegut Hall, William Hopton, Hopton Tract, Wando Plantation
Starvegut Hall - Mt Pleasant - also called Starve Gut Hall, William Hopton, Hopton Tract, Wando Plantation
Stiles Point - James Island
Stone Point
Strawberry Ferry
Strohecker - North Charleston - also called Gallant Hill, Wee John
Summit - Adams Run
Sunnyside - Edisto Island
Swallow's Bluff - Edisto Island

Tibwin - Awendaw - also called Tebwin
Tom Seabrook - Edisto Island
Townsend's Creek
Townsends - Johns Island
Turquetts - James Island
Twihets - James Island
Two Cedar - Awendaw


Vanderhorst - Kiawah Island - also called Kiawah
Vaucluse - West Ashley

Wagener Farm - Charleston - also called Grove, Grove Farm, Lowndes Grove
Walnut Grove - Awendaw
Walnut Hill - Johns Island
Wampee - Wadmalaw Island
Wando - Cainhoy
Wando - Mt Pleasant - also called Starvegut Hall, Starve Gut Hall, William Hopton, Hopton Tract
Wappoo Hall - James Island
Waterloo - Johns Island
Wedge - McClellanville
Wee John - North Charleston - also called Gallant Hill, Strohecker
Wespanee - West Ashley - also called Westpenny, Fairfield
Westpenny - West Ashley - also called Wespanee, Fairfield
Wheelock's - Mt Pleasant
White Hall - Johns Island
White House - James Island
Whooping Island
William Gibbes
William Hopton - Mt Pleasant - also called Starvegut Hall, Starve Gut Hall, Hopton Tract, Wando Plantation
Willow Grove
Willtown Bluff - Adams Run - also called New Hope, Wilton
Wilton - Adams Run - also called New Hope, Willtown Bluff
Windsor - Little Edisto Island
Windsor Hill - also called Pepper Dam
Woodlands Cooper
Woodlands - Johns Island
Woodville - McClellanville
Wragg - also called Smith-Wragg, St. Giles Kussoe, Mateeba Gardens

Yellow House - Wadmalaw Island
Youghal - Mt Pleasant - also called Hamlin

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