Oakland Plantation - Mount Pleasant Charleston County South Carolina SC

Oakland Plantation – Mount Pleasant – Charleston County

Basic Information

  • Location – Copahee Sound, Mount Pleasant, Christ Church Parish, Charleston County

  • Origin of name – John Perrie, an Irishman, named his plantation Youghal for his birthplace in Cork County, Ireland. The name was changed to Oakland about 1850 because of the majestic "cathedral" type of oak avenue leading to the house.

  • Other names – Gregorie, Youghall

  • Current status – The plantation house is privatey owned. A large portion of the remaining property is being developed for commercial use.


  • 1696 – Earliest known date of existence when Captain George Dearsly received a grant for 1300 acres.

  • 1696 – Thomas Hamlin purchased the land shortly thereafter and conveyed it in 1704. A portion of this land became Younghal Plantation.

  • 1704 – John Perrie acquired 982 acres.

  • 1713 – Perrie died leaving the property to his daughter Mary.

  • 1740 – Mary's husband, John Cleland, conveyed land to Captain George Benison. It is believed Benison built a house on the property.

  • 1755 – Charles Barksdale acquired the property and it would remain in the family for more than 100 years.

  • ? – Mary Barksdale and her husband James McBeth inherited the plantation. It is believed that James McBeth is the one that changed the name to Oakland (National Register).

  • 1859 – Philip E. Porcher became owner of Oakland (National Register).

  • 1977 – Mrs. Ferdinand Gregorie, descendant of Philip E. Porcher, was the plantation's owner (National Register).

  • 2004 – The Gregorie family and Avtex Commercial Properties, Inc. broke ground at Oakland Plantation. Seventy-five acres are intended for commercial use and 236 acres have been set aside for a conservation easement and will be placed with the Mount Pleasant Open Space Foundation.


  • Number of acres – 1300 in 1696; 982 in 1704; 311 in 2004

  • Primary crop – ?


  • Alphabetical list – Charles Barksdale (1755-?); Thomas Barksdale; Captain George Benison (1740-?); George Benison, Jr.; William Benison (1748); John and Mary Pierre Cleland (1713-1740); Captain George Dearsly (1696); Mrs. Ferdinard Gregorie; Thomas Hamlin (1696-1704); James and Mary Barksdale McBeth; John Perrie (1704-1713); John Perry; Philip Porcher (1859-?)


  • Number of slaves – ?


  • Clapboard house was built in 1740 by George Benison or Thomas Barksdale. The house was the center of a thoroughly equipped plantation and is probably the oldest house in Christ Church Parish.

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