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Koger Plantation – Grover – Dorchester County

Koger Plantation 2000 - Dorchester County, South Carolina
— Koger Plantation © Brandon Coffey

Basic Information

  • Location – Grover, St George Parish, Dorchester County

    Located about 2½ miles west of Grover on Wire Road (SC State Road 19) at intersection of Quaker Road (St State Road 49) near crossing of I-95

  • Origin of name – Named for a previous owner

  • Other names – Old Carroll Place

  • Current status – Owned by the Upper Dorchester County Historical Society


  • 1775 – Earliest known date of existence

    Thomas Ferguson owned the property (12).

  • 1786 – After Ferguson's death in this year, the property was sold to David Campbell (12).

  • Circa 1786 – Campbell constructed the plantation home, three slave dwellings, and a large barn (12).

  • 1793 – Campbell sold the plantation, which consisted of 1,203 acres, for four hundred pounds sterling to John Milhous, Jr (12).

  • 1797 – John Milhous, Jr died and left his Dorchester County plantation his children Elizabeth and John but stipulated that his wife Abigail was to remain at the plantation until her death (12).

  • 1802 – By this year, both Elizabeth and John had passed away so their mother Abigail inherited the property. Later this same year, Abigail married Joseph Koger Jr (12).

  • 1812 – Abigail died and per her marriage settlement with Koger, the plantation passed to him. Later this same year, Koger married Mary Murray (12).

  • 1838 – Koger sold the plantation to his brother-in-law John Soule Murray and moved to Mississippi after becoming upset with district politics (12).

  • 1844 – John May purchased the property after Murray's death in this year (12).

  • ? – May sold the home to Judge James Parsons Carroll of Aiken, SC, Carroll used the house as a winter home (12).

    Judge Carroll was a member of the SC State House of Representatives from 1838-40, a member of the South Carolina State Senate from 1853-54, and 1858-59, and a delegate to the South Carolina Secession Convention of 1860.

  • ? – Lewis E Parler was the next owner (12).

  • 1900 – Parler sold Koger Plantation to Mattie A Hartzog. The plantation consisted of 100 acres at this time (12).

  • ? – The plantation's next owner was R.D. Canaday (12).

  • ? – The plantation was sold to Henry Allen Westendorff of the Panama Canal Zone (12).

  • 1946 – The property was sold to Fitzhugh L Sweatman, Sr.

  • 1986 – Fitzhugh L Sweatman, Jr was owner of record (12).

  • 2004 – Fitzhugh L Sweatman, Jr and his wife Martha, donated the home, along with one acre of land, to the Upper Dorchester County Historical Society.

  • 2005 – The Upper Dorchester County Historical Society was awarded a $2,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation for the restoration of the house. The grant, along with funds raised locally, will be used to do a structural assessment and develop restoration plans for the Koger House (2).

  • 2009 – Restoration of the house was completed in October (8).


  • Number of acres – 1,203 in 1793; 100 in 1900; 1 in 2003 (12)

  • Gravestone - photo from 1974

    There are six known burials on the plantation, however, only two gravestones remain. One is located about 150 feet from the house and the other is located about 1½ miles east of the house, deep in the woods. Click here to read the inscriptions on the gravestones.

    In 1979 Fitzhugh L. Sweatman stated that there was a stone for Joseph Koger at one point, but he was unable to locate it despite a thorough search of the surrounding woods.

  • Primary crop – Rice


  • Chronological list – Thomas Ferguson (1775-1786); David Campbell (1786-1793); John Milhous, Jr (1793-1797); Elizabeth Milhous and John Milhous (1797-1802); Abigail Milhous (1802-1812); Joseph Koger Jr (1812-1838); John Soule Murray (1838-1844); John May (1844-?); James Parsons Carroll; Lewis E Parler (?-1900); Mattie A Hartzog (1900-?); R.D. Canaday; Henry Allen Westendorff; Fitzhugh L Sweatman, Sr (1946-?); Fitzhugh L Sweatman, Jr (?-2003); Upper Dorchester Historical Society (2003-present, 2012)


  • Number of slaves – 1806 Joseph Koger purchased Hugh, Dinah, Hector & Sylvia from James Maull; 42 in 1850; 26 in 1860 (Census Records)


    The plantation house was built in the Georgian style. It is two stories with an attic/dormer and a rear shed porch that has been enclosed. The house is built of black cypress and rests on brick pillar foundations. The dates 1792 and 1829 have been carved in the two chimneys. The 1829 date might signify the completion of an addition or renovation (1, p. 2).

    In 1974, the house was being used as a barn. In 2003, the house was donated to the Upper Dorchester Historical Society which completed full restoration of the house in 2009.

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  11. Contribution by Nancy R. Mott who visited Mr. Sweatman, Jr., toured the home, and was taken to the headstone in the woods (April 1, 1979).

  12. Information contribution by Peggy M. Phalen who conducted extensive research into the property.

Contact Information

  • Upper Dorchester County Historical Society
    P.O. Box 15
    Dorchester, SC 29437

    Website: Click here

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