Wedge Plantation - McClellanville Charleston and Georgetown Counties South Carolina SC

Wedge Plantation – McClellanville – Charleston & Georgetown Counties

Wicklow Hall Plantation 2009 - Georgetown County, South Carolina
— Wedge Plantation © Taken between 1915 and 1923 by Howard R. Jacobs —

A. L. Lofton, who contributed the picture above, notes, "At the foot of the steps are sections of the original round columns, which were replaced by double square columns, until round columns could be purchased."

Basic Information

  • Location – South Santee River, McClellanville, St. James Santee Parish, Charleston & Georgetown Counties

    The original plantation lands are located party in Charleston County and partly in Georgetown County. The plantation house is located off US 17 on Wedge Plantation Road in the Francis Marion National Forest. The original rice fields are located across the South Santee River in Georgetown County.

  • Origin of name – The boundaries of the property form the shape of a wedge.

  • Other names – The Wedge

  • Current status – Houses the University of South Carolina's International Center for Public Health Research

Wedge Plantation 2009 - Georgetown County, South Carolina
— Wedge Plantation in 2009 © Brandon Coffey


  • 1784 – Earliest known date of existence

    Elizabeth Deas Middleton owned property on the South Santee River. Upon her death, the property was divided into Wedge and Pine Tree Hill plantations (Linder & Thacker, p. 741).

  • 1802 – John Hume purchased Wedge which consisted of 47 acres (Linder & Thacker, p. 741).

  • 1819 – John Hume's daughter, Charlotte, married William Lucas, and it is presumed that they were given Wedge. No documents exist of this transaction (Bridges & Williams, p. 266).

  • 1826 – William Lucas built a house on the property.

    The National Register nomination form dates the house to the 1830s, but this is an error. The deed the nomination form is referring to was the deed for 45 acres on Washashaw Creek purchased by William Lucas from his father-in-law, John Hume (Linder & Thacker, p. 842).

  • 1866 – William Lucas transferred the property to his son Alexander Hume Lucas (National Register).

  • 1892 – The house caught fire when sparks from the chimney set the roof ablaze. The fire was put out and the house was saved (Bridges & Williams, pp. 309-311).

  • 1914 – Alexander Hume Lucas died. At this time, Wedge ceased to be a working plantation. It remained in the family for another fifteen years (Linder & Thacker, p. 742).

  • 1929 – Wedge was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Gerry Chadwick. They also purchased Palo Alto and Woodville, two neighboring plantations (Linder & Thacker, p. 742).

  • 1946 – Charles H. Woodward purchased the plantation and used it as a winter residence (National Register).

  • 1966 – Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Dominick purchased Wedge and Belleview plantations. Dr. Dominick set up an experimental laboratory to study insects. He was interested in collecting moths and butterflies (Linder & Thacker, p. 742).

  • 1976 – Dr. Dominick died and the State of South Carolina purchased Wedge. It became home to the University of South Carolina's International Center for Public Health Research.

  • 2007 – To this date, Wedge is still owned by the University of South Carolina. The university is hoping to lease Wedge to a private party. (Linder & Thacker, p. 742).


  • Number of acres – 47 in 1802, 1500 in 2007

  • Primary crop – Rice


  • Alphabetical list – Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Gerry Chadwick, Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Dominick, John Hume, Alexander Hume Lucas, William Lucas, Elizabeth Deas Middleton, Univeristy of South Carolina, Charles H. Woodward


  • Number of slaves – In 1850, William Lucas owned 72 slaves on his various plantations (National Register).


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