Llandovery Plantation - Colleton County South Carolina SC

Llandovery Plantation – Cuckolds Creek – Colleton County

Basic Information

  • Location – Cuckolds Creek (a branch of the Combahee River), St. Bartholomew's Parish, ACE Basin, Colleton County

  • Origin of name – It is speculated that Bethia Price Skirving named the plantation after the small town of Llandovery in the Price family's home country of Wales (1, p. 326)

  • Other names – Slandorny, Prices (1, p. 327)

  • Current status – ?


  • 1772 – Earliest known date of existence (1, p. 325)

    William Garner received a grant for 500 acres (1, p. 325).

  • 1783 – Garner passed away leaving the property to his minor daughter Elizabeth Murrey Garner (1, p. 325)

  • 1807 – A plat drawn in this year shows William Price as the owner (1, p. 325)

  • 1823 – William Price died willing the plantation his daughters Mary Price and Bethia Price Skirving (1, p. 326)

  • ? – House built

    It is documented there was a large, well appointed house at Llandovery Plantation in 1827 (1, p. 323).

  • 1842 – Mary Price became sole owner of Llandovery when her sister Bethia Price Skirving died in this year (1, p. 326)

  • 1854 – Mary Price died childless and left Llandovery Plantation to her brother's son Philip Smith Price. Philip had also inherited Airy Hall Plantation from his mother's side (1, p. 327)

  • 1858 – Price sold the plantation to Charleston and Savannah Railroad for $12,500 but retained the mortgage on the property (1, p. 327)

  • 1874 – After the railroad tracks were destroyed during the Civil War, Charleston and Savannah Railroad defaulted on their mortgage and the property was sold at auction. O.P. Williams and J.I. Fox purchased the 605 acre tract for $310 (1, p. 327)

  • 1888 – After a series of mortgagees, O.P. Williams foreclosed on J.H. Renneker, Jr. forcing the plantation to auctioned once again. Benjamin Garrett, an African-American farmer, purchased the 837 acre plantation (1, p. 327)

  • 1983 – The Garrett family held onto to the plantation in whole for decades until this year when they sold 118.9 acres to Westvaco Corporation (1, p. 328)

  • 1984 – The Garretts sold 655.07 acres of Llandovery to TiAun Corporation. TiAun also owned neighboring White Hall Plantation (1, p. 328)

    Although the bulk of the plantation has been sold off, Garrett family descendants have retained a small portion of the land where they have constructed homes (1, p. 328).


  • Number of acres – 500 in 1772; 837 in 1888 (1, pp. 325, 327)

  • Primary crops – Rice, cotton, Indian corn (1, p. 324)


  • Number of slaves – 140 that lived in 28 slave cabins in 1827 (1, p. 324)

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