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Hagley Plantation – Waverly Mills – Georgetown County

Basic Information

  • Location – Waccamaw River, Waverly Mills, All Saints Waccamaw Parish, Georgetown County

    Original plantation lands were located in the vicinity of Hagley Boulevard, northwest of US 17.

  • Origin of name – Called Hagley after a park with the same name near London (4).

  • Other names – ?

  • Current status – Residential development, Hagley Estates


  • ? – Earliest known date of existence

  • 1801 – William Alston obtained the property from the Pawley family. William purchased it to give to his son Joseph Allston as a gift for Joseph's impending marriage to Aaron Burr's daughter Theodosia (4).

    The Alstons' named the plantation Hagley after a park near London (4).

  • ? – House built

    Joseph and Theodosia lived the house at Hagley but not for very long. They soon moved to the larger house at Brookgreen Plantation (4).

  • 1847 – The plantation remained in the Alston family until this year when Francis Marion Weston became the owner (4).

  • 1854 – Plowden C.J.Weston, Francis's son, became Hagley's owner this year although he had been managing the property for his father for several years (4).

    Plowden combined Hagley with adjoining Weehawka Plantation (4).

  • 1864 – Plowden C.J.Weston died and left the plantation to his wife Emily F. Weston. Emily was from England and wanted to return there after her husband's death. As was stipulated in Plowden's will, Emily conveyed all her husband's landholdings, including Hagley Plantation, to William St. Julien Mazyck (4, 5).

    It is unclear what St. Julien Mazyck did with the plantation but at some point it was left to deteriorate (4).

  • ? – The Atlantic Coast Lumber Company purchased the Hagley property. The company built a railroad, logged the lands and constructed a hunting lodge on the property (4).

  • 1942 – Atlantic Coast Lumber Company had finished logging the land and sold Hagley to the Tyson family (4).

  • 1965 – Robert L. Walker purchased the property from the Tyson family. Walker had the property subdivide into 1,200 lots with hopes of selling them for the creation of a housing community (4).

  • ? – Walker's auction was not successful and Frank Adamson became Hagley's next owner. Adamson was more successful with the plantation's property being developed into Hagley Estates, Founders Club golf course and Signature Boutique Inn (4).


  • Number of acres – 225 in 1860 (6)

  • Primary crop – Rice


  • Chronological list – Pawley (?-1801); William Alston (1801); Joseph and Theodosia Burr Allston (1801-?); Francis Marion Weston (1847-1854); Plowden C.J.Weston (1854-1864); Emily F. Weston (1864); William St. Julien Mazyck (1864-?); Atlantic Coast Lumber Company (?-1942); Tyson (1942-1965); Robert L. Walker (1865-?); Frank Adamson


  • Number of slaves – 17 in 1860 (6)


  • The house had been abandoned after the Civil War, was heavy damaged by a fire around 1900 with its remains demolished in the 1930s (4).

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Contact Information
  • Hagley Estates
    PO Box 686
    Pawleys Island, SC 29585

  • Website: Click here

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