Barratt House Plantation - Greenwood County South Carolina SC

Barratt House Plantation – Greenwood County

Basic Information


  • 1826 – Dr. John Perkins Barratt married Lavina Brooks Watson who was a young widow. They lived in the plantation house, Chinquapin Ridge, Lavina inherited from her late husband. This house was razed in 1959 (National Register, p. 3).

  • Circa 1830 – Dr. Barratt constructed a school on the property for the education his children and neighboring children (National Register, p. 3).

  • Circa 1853-1856 – Dr. Barratt designed and built a house for his son, John Joseph Gall "Jack" Barratt, on his plantation, Chinquapin Ridge. This house is still standing (National Register, p. 2).

  • 1859 – Dr. and Mrs. Barratt died. Their son, Jack, moved his family into his parent's house and offered Barratt House to a neighbor rent-free (National Register, p. 7).

  • 1862 – Jack died at the Battle of Sharpsburg. His wife subsequently remarried and moved to Tennessee (National Register, p. 7).

  • ? – Barratt House was sold to J.S. Chipley (National Register, p. 7).

  • ? – Richard Davis became Barratt House's next owner (National Register, p. 7).

  • 1883 – Andrew C. Stockman purchased the property from Davis (National Register, p. 7).

  • ? – Stockman also acquired Chinquapin Ridge from the Barratt family (National Register, p. 7).

  • ? – Stockman sold Barratt House to his brother, James Hampton "Hamp" Stockman (National Register, p. 7).

  • 1932 – Thomas E. Dorn purchased Barratt House from the Stockman family (National Register, p. 7).

  • 1952 – Congressman William Jennings Bryan Dorn acquired both Barratt House and Chinquapin Ridge (National Register, p. 7).


  • Number of acres – 288.5; approximately 35 in 1985 (National Register, p. 6)

  • Primary crop – Probably corn


  • Chronological list – Mr. Watson, Lavina Brooks Watson (?-1859), Dr. John Perkins Barratt (?-1859), John Joseph Gall "Jack" Barratt (1859-1862), J.S. Chipley, Richard Davis (?-1883), Andrew C. Stockman (1883-?), James Hampton "Hamp" Stockman, Thomas E. Dorn (1932-?), William Jennings Bryan Dorn (1952-?)


  • Number of slaves – ?


  • The Barratt house is of stuccoed, brick construction in the Gothic revival style. Wings were added onto the house in 1957 and 1969 (National Register, p. 2).

  • Dr. Barratt was a budding artist and painted several murals at both houses and carved elaborate, wood carvings that are still part of Barratt House (National Register, p. 3).

  • There is a hewn-timber building still on the property. It is believed to be the school building built circa 1803 (National Register, p. 3).

  • Also still standing is a corn crib (a building used to dry and store corn) with an estimated construction date in the 1880s (National Register, p. 5).

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