Gregorie Neck Plantation - Jasper County South Carolina SC

Gregorie Neck Plantation – Tullifinny River – Jasper County

Basic Information

  • Location – Tullifinny River, Jasper County

  • Origin of name – ?

  • Other names – DeVeaux's Neck, Graeme's Neck

  • Current status – Privately owned


  • 1736 – Earliest known date of existence

    Grant to Samuel Prioleau

  • ? – Original house built

  • 1787 – Owned by Mrs. Ann Graeme (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 143).

  • 1865 – As Union troops approached, the Gregorie family buried their silver and valuables, then fled to McPhersonville. The plantation house was destroyed by the US Army.

    After the war, the Gregories returned to the ruins and were able to reclaim at least some of their valuables. According to the family's descendants, pieces of the once-buried silver are now treasured family heirlooms.

  • ? – The Garbade family owned the plantation (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 143).

  • 1927 – Bayard Dominick purchased Gregorie Neck (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 144).

  • 1927-1931 – During these four years, Dominick purchased neighboring land, including Greenwood Plantation, to bring his total land holding to 3,404 acres in 1931 (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 144).

  • 1928 – Dominick had a large brick colonial house built in a setting of ancient oak trees, two of which are estimated to be over 700 years old (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 141).

  • 1941 – Bayard Dominick died leaving Gregorie Neck to his wife Alice who continued to spend the winters at the plantation (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 144).

  • 1950 – Gregorie Neck was sold to Charles and Katheryn Honeywell (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 144).

  • 1953 – J. Spencer and Elizabeth Janney purchased the plantation. It would remain in the Janney family for nearly four decades (Northern Money Southern Land, p. 144).

  • 1993 – Robert S. and Alice Jepson, Jr. of Savannah, Georgia purchased the plantation.


  • Number of acres – 1,000 in 1787; 2,184 in 1928; 3,404 in 1931

  • Primary crop – Rice


  • Alphabetical list – Andre DeVeaux, Alice Hoyt Dominick (1941-1950), Bayard Dominick (1927-1941), Garbade, Graeme (1787-?), Alexander Frasier Gregorie, Charles and Katheryn Honeywell (1950-?), J. Spencer and Elizabeth Janney (1953-?), Alice and Robert S. Jepson, Jr. (1993-current), Samuel Prioleau (1736-?)


  • Number of slaves – ?


  • A large brick colonial house constructed in 1928 stands today.

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