1817 Deed of Boone Hall

1817 Deed of Boone Hall

In 1817 Thomas A. Vardell was forced to sell Boone Hall in order to pay his debts. He sold the property to three gentlement for $1. It is not clear what these three men did wih the property. Below is a transcribed copy of the deed.

In this transcription abbreviations, spellings, and punctuation marks have been preserved. Line breaks also remain intact, as well as column structure. Indentations and spacing are difficult to replicate on the Web and may be distorted or omitted. [?] represents an unknown word.


Thomas A. Vardell South Carolina Know
      To all men by these presents
John Johnson & others that I, Thomas A. Vardell
Assignment in Trust for the purpose of paying
my debts in the manner
hereinafter mentioned and in consideration of One
Dollar to me in hand paid by John Johnson Jr Hugh
Patterson & George K. White have granted, bargained Sold
released assigned, transferred and set over and by
these presents do grant bargain sell, release assign
transfer and set over unto the said John Johnson
Jur H. Patterson & Geo K. White all my right Title
Interest Property and Estate of what nature or
kinds soever in and to a plantation with a
Brick Yard established therein called Boone
Hall situate in Christ Church Parish in the state
aforesaid purchased by the late Samuel Robert
=son in trust for me at Sheriffs Sales Together
with all and Singular the Rights, Members, Heredi=
taments and appurtenances to the said Premises
belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining
to have and to hold all and Singular the Premises
above mentioned unto the said John Johnson Jur
Hh Patterson & Geo K White their heirs and assigns
for ever In Trust nevertheless for the purposes
hereinafter expressed concerning the same and
I the said Thomas A. Vardell for the purposes above
mentioned and the consideration above expressed
have also bargained, sold assigned transferred and
set over and by these presents do bargain sell assign
transfer and set over unto the said John Johnson Jr.
Hugh Patterson & George K White all my Right title
Interest and Property in and to all and Singular
the Negroes and other goods and [?] specified
in the schedule thereof hereto annexed and intended
as part of these Presents To have and to hold all and
Singular the said Negroes and other Property con=

in the said Schedule or my Right Title Interest
and Estate in the same, In Trust nevertheless as
well touching the same as the Land called Boon
Hall above described to pay in the first place to Stephen
West Moore & Robert Vardell In Trust for Susan
Vardell my wife and to her separate use Twenty per
Cent on the monies which may be received or reco=
vered from the Estate of the said Samuel Robertson
on account of my Interest in the Premises on Con=
sideration that the said Susan Vardell will renounce
her Dower to the aforesaid John Johnson Jr Hugh
Patterson & Geo K. White upon the Trusts hereunto de=
dared and from and after paying Twenty per
Cent as aforesaid In Trust with the Residue to
pay the Debts of all and Singular the Creditors of the
said Thomas A. Vardell whether on Judgement Mort=
=gage Bond, Note, open account or otherwise on aver=
=ages and proportions and without Preference of one
to another and with the surplus of any to pay and
indemnify the Creditors in average and Proportions
for the Twenty per Cent allowed the said Susan Var=
dell and should there be a Residue after allowing
the Twenty per cent aforesaid and fully satisfying
the Creditors to pay the same to me the said Thomas
A. Vardell Provided nevertheless that all and Singu=
lar my creditors who shall not within Five Months
from the Date hereof signify in writing his and their
consent to abide by the Terms of this Assignment and
be excluded from the Benefits thereof witness my hand
and Seal this fifth day of March in the Year of our
Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen
Thos A. Vardell (LS) Signed Sealed and Delivered in
the presence of Rob Brodie 1st Sept 1817 [?] Slate The name
of Stephen West Moore being inserted in the 15th line
of the second column Robert Brodie being duly
sworn, made oath that he was present & saw Thomas
A. Vardell Sign Seal & Deliver the foregoing assign=

ment for the uses and purposes therein mentioned &
that he with [?] Slate witnessed the same Sworn
to before me this 1st September 1817 Thomas Hamlin
(JP) The Schedule underneath is the one referred to
in the within assignment is making part of the same
and it is understood and agreed upon that the
Trustees shall be allowed to deduct in the first
place all Expences Costs & Charges whatsoever
attending the discharge of their Trusts and in par=
=ticular the Costs and Expences which result from
prosecuting the Right to the premises against the
Estate of the late Samuel Robertson. The following
is an estimate of the worth of the Negroes sold at
the suit of James Mackie and Bought in by Mr
Samuel Robertson 17 Negroes purchased by Mr
Sal Robertson at the same suit said to be worth
$8000 [?] with Rigging Sails [?] cost Two years
ago 1200 Dollars worth 800 Dollars 150 Bricks un
=burnt 1000, 30 Head of Cattle including Oxen
400 Four Mules 300 Dollars 3 Carts 100 Dollars 12
Wheel Barrows $2 4 Corn and Fodder 250 Dollars
Axes Hoes and Spades 20 Dollars Should I Recollect any
more will annex it Thos A Vardell Secretarys office
Charleston Recorded in Books of Miscellaneous
Records N N N N page 32 g this 1st Septr 1817 & Exam=
=ined by Benj Elfe Jr For John G Brown Secretary
of State Recorded & Examined this 30 January 1818
Wm B. Tucker Register.

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