Pond Bluff Plantation - Orangeburg County South Carolina SC

Pond Bluff Plantation – Eutaw Springs – Orangeburg County

Pond Bluff Plantation 1934 - Orangeburg County, South Carolina
— Pond Bluff Plantation 1934 © Charleston Museum Archives —
(Lowcountry Digital Library)

Basic Information

  • Location – Upper St. John's, Orangeburg County

    4 miles east of Eutaw Springs

  • Origin of name – There is a pond near the house which is set on a bluff of the river swamp (7).

  • Other names – ?

  • Current status – Mostly submerged under Lake Marion (2, VII: 1-2)


  • 1758 – Earliest known date of existence

    Granted to William Flud

  • ? – John Matthews acquired the property (4, p. 279) (7).

  • 1773 – General Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, purchased the property from John Matthews and constructed a two-story house of cypress at the plantation. He would go on to purchase adjoining property until Pond Bluff Planation reached 1,452 acres (4, p. 279) (7).

  • 1795 – General Francis Marion intended to make Pond Bluff Plantation his home until his death in this year. However, upon returning after serving as Brigade Commander, he found his plantation in ruins. Marion died and his buried at his brother's Bell Isle Plantation. Pond Bluff passed to his wife Mary Esther Videau Marion after his death (7).

  • 1814 – Mary Esther Videau Marion willed the plantation to relative Colonel Keating Lewis Simons (2, VII: 1-2) (4, p. 280).

  • Circa 1816 – The house built by General Francis Marion was destroyed by fire (4, p. 280) (7).

  • 1819 – Colonel Keating Lewis Simons died and left Pond Bluff to his wife, Annie Cleland Simons (7).

  • Circa 1825-1830 – A one-story home was built for Annie Cleland Simons by Joseph Palmer as a dower house for nearby Springfield Plantation, which Palmer owned (6) (7).

  • Circa 1845 – Joseph Palmer Simons and Julia Simons inherited Pond Bluff from their mother, Annie Cleland Simons (7).

  • Circa 1939 – The house was burned to the ground for the Santee-Cooper flooding project (2, VII: 1-2).


  • Number of acres – 1,452 acres in the late 1700s (4, p. 279)

  • Primary crop – ?


  • Number of slaves – ?

    We are actively seeking information on the slaves who lived and worked at this plantation. If you find a resource that might help, please fill out this form. Thank you.

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